Love is the most significant emotion of our lives. For most of us, our relationships are the central hub around which everything else revolves. Relationships help define us. But knowing how to have a good relationship is not born with us. Most of us have gone through a bad romance, and we usually have to work at making a good one work well. With effort and patience, you can build the skills that make relationships thrive and last.

Marriage is the big step towards making one’s relationship permanent. It is the official bonding of two people in a partnership that is supposed to last until death – but in the real world, marriage is increasingly being threatened by divorce. Over the course of a relationship, a lot can happen – people and personalities change, people grow apart, the feeling of romance can fade. And no marriage is without conflict. What keeps relationships healthy is how a couple chooses to handle those conflicts. How do we navigate problems as they come up? And do we keep love alive?

Here at Relationships and Marriages, we’ve researched a wide range of subjects on the relationship topic. Why some relationships work—and others don’t ; how to keep your relationship lively; how to save your marriage; and does marriage matter in today’s world?

If half of all marriages end in divorce, why do some make it and others fail? Whether you’re a newlywed or have been married for 20 years, or you’re in a domestic partnership, maintaining closeness and excitement in your relationship takes work.  We hope that the information you find at Relationships and Marriages will help you build a long-lasting, fulfilling relationship.

All Kinds of Relationships Matter

Relationships and Marriages looks at the latest research from leading sources on love and marriage. Our goal is for you to benefit from expert opinions we share, and real-life stories you can relate to. You can learn how everyday people like you manage the ups and downs of partnership, and can really succeed in the game of love.

We believe all kinds of relationships matter – married or unmarried, between men and women, between women and women and between men and men. So Relationships and Marriages talks about the entire relationship spectrum.

Gay and Lesbian relationships have been in the spotlight more than ever lately, with people speaking out on the subject of gay marriage, a subject which deserves the attention. We think all sorts of marriages should be discussed in terms of helping them thrive, not just whether other people think they should be allowed or not. Along with the marriage issue, there is nothing radically different about gay relationships that wouldn’t generally apply to straight ones – people are people. But there may be issues that apply more to gay couples than straight ones, or come with a slightly different perspective. How do you present your same-sex relationship in straight circles? How do you act if you suspect others are hostile to your kind of relationship? Do you stick up for your partner? Is there a different standard of monogamy or open marriage in the gay community? Do you establish clarity in your relationship, so that you’re on the same page regarding flirting or going out separately?

These are the questions we hope to address, and we encourage you to be part of the discussion with your comments and stories. Relationships and works even better when we share what we’ve learned with each other.

Relationship Basics

If there was only one piece of advice we could share to keep your relationship strong – and this would apply to all couples, straight, bisexual, lesbian and gay – it would be this: Make your relationship the priority. Your relationship or your marriage is not a long-lasting date – it is the union of two people in love, no matter their gender or differences. Life is stressful, and we all have demands on our time and psyches; you need to go the extra mile to make sure you spend quality time with your significant other – and make it a habit. This not only benefits the partnership but it benefits you, too. Your relationship shouldn’t be thought of as an obligation, but as a reward. The reward of having someone love you unconditionally, and the sense of belonging to something bigger than yourself.

Keeping your relationship strong involves a combination of common sense and time-tested techniques. For instance, common sense tells us that relationships change over time, because people change. Our interests and needs evolve. There is a danger that your spouse or partner may lose romantic interest. If you’re serious about keeping the relationship healthy, you’ll work at it in a meaningful way. This means if romance seems to be fading, you need to take steps to keep your relationship interesting. You need to ask yourself serious questions about not only what would make things more interesting for your partner, but if you’re being the best partner you can be. You may find that some of the little things you do actually undermine the relationship without anyone taking notice.

What are some of the ways we sabotage our relationships? Do long distance relationships work? Why do emotional opposites attract? How do money problems affect your relationship? Relationships and Marriages will be looking at some of these questions more in depth.

Some of the other topics we’ll be covering include:

  • 5 tips for keeping your marriage interesting
  • Top 6 tips for avoiding divorce
  • Overcoming the 7 most common problems in marriage
  • Why space can be good for your relationship
  • Divorce after 50: Why so many breakups occur later in life

We hope you’ll get a lot out of the information we share – we may not all be lucky enough to live happily ever after, but you can live a more fulfilling life with your spouse or relationship partner.

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